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Born in Argentina, Natalia Zamparini, (aka Naty), is a globally-minded free-spirited creative raised in Queens & now based in Brooklyn. She has earned her Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design & Fine Art in 2006 & has since studied the ancient art of henna. Through a thorough study of entrepreneurship business, Naty by Nature, has become one of the most sought-after henna businesses throughout the NYC & Tri-State area. 


In her Fine Arts practice, Naty recently debuted her first solo art show, has exhibited in various group shows and continues to create meditative pieces, apparel, graphic design. Naty’s art also has helped inspire the next generation of students and artists by creating murals for schools and communities throughout Brooklyn and Puerto Rico. She has helped plan, organize & host art events centered around the arts, meditation, wellness & spirituality.


Featured in Vogue, Vogue Beauty and Refinery 29, Naty’s body art work has also been commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Airbnb, WeWork, Dropbox, Lord & Taylor, Saks, Marriott Hotel, W Hotel & more.

Natalia yields to nature’s ancient energy as a guide and source for inspiration & healing. She utilizes the ancient power of art as a tool for connection & coaching. Since childhood, Naty draws inspiration from the four elements of nature and the spirit of the people she interacts with.


Being an advocate for self-care and self-love are huge missions behind the work that Natalia is doing. Her passionate humanitarian goals align with her own journey of loss, injury, body perception & recovery. Naty is actively working to empower women & men to become the healthiest versions of themselves. With her body art, fine art, murals & soon tattooing, she is progressively building her community through the continued participation of and hosting of events. This includes support of cancer patients, women with body image/weight issues, the empowering of one's inner dialogue & pursuit of passions.


Naty is based in Brooklyn and works out of her home and studio, Henna House BK.

She is accepting bookings and commissions globally.

You can find more of her work on

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