The passion expressed through the art of Natalia Zamparini is meant to build up and empower humanity through a direct connection. She takes inspiration from nature’s four elements and their reflection in every aspect of who we are as people. Exploring art from early childhood, even before experiencing formal education, it has become the foundation of who she is and how she explores life.


“I paint nature because there are no superficial facades to the natural beauty that is our Mother Earth.”


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in New York City, Natalia, currently residing in Brooklyn, embraces the vastly inspiring creative culture of her city as well as the peace and freedom she feels in the great outdoors. Exploration and travel are an important part of Natalia’s vision for her work as she often wanders off the concrete path, pulling inspiration from all the elements of nature.


With a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and specialized training in fine art and commercial arts, Natalia has shown work throughout various exhibitions in NYC, painted numerous murals in both NYC and Puerto Rico, as well as giving back to her community by leading teams of volunteers in painting murals through the New York Cares program.


Natalia is also a professional traveling henna artist of Henna by Naty, and has practicing & sharing the art & history of henna since 2009. 

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